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Biography of Jason William-Goudlock:

Jason, 47, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is a progressive activist embedded in the struggle for true justice against the exploitative United States prison industrial complex. He is a writer and the author of a published novel, Brother of the Struggle, and an ambitious student of Garveyism. Upon being released from prison, he plans to become and entrepreneur in the philanthropic interest of furthering the advancement of educational self-empowerment for disadvantaged at-risk youth. Jason is an avid reader who enjoys learning and listening to eclectic music.

The best way to contact Jason directly is through his USPS mail address at the following address:

Jason William Goudlock, #284-561
PO Box 80033
Toledo, OH 43608

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You may also send email to info@freejasongoudlock.org.

Jason Goudlock standing with his arms folded in a black shirt and black pants.

Jason, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, was sentenced to an indefinite term of incarceration of six to 25 years, in addition to nine years of mandatory time for gun-specification sentencing enhancements. Subsequently, upon serving approximately 14 years before his first Parole Board hearing date, Jason has been issued six lengthy sentencing continuances. The Parole Board has, on more than one occasion, unlawfully denied Jason a “fair and meaningful” Parole Board hearing. The Parole Board used unjust practices such as conducting the Parole Board hearings based on inaccurate records of the total amount of time that he has served.

In addition to Jason being blatantly denied his constitutional right to a fair and meaningful Parole Board hearing, he and approximately 4,700 other Ohio old-law prisoners have, and continue to be unjustly subject to having to serve a pre-July 1, 1996 old-law indefinite term of incarceration. This indefinite term of incarceration is disproportionately longer than the state’s post-July 1, 1996 flat-time sentencing terms of incarceration that the rest of the state’s approximately 45,000 majority-class of prisoners are sentenced to.

As a countermeasure to being unjustly and excessively incarcerated, Jason has reached out to countless individuals and organizations in the interest of being assisted in his quest to rectify the existing old-law sentencing disparities.

His courageous efforts towards mobilizing support have been frustratingly unsuccessful. Unfortunately, as it seems, we now live in a country that has become desensitized to the inhumane psychological and physical abuses committed against prisoners. Many citizens in the United States seemingly are more disturbed by the cutting down of a tree, or an ex-convict being allowed to return to playing in the National Football League, then they are with prisoners being made to serve unjust, excessively long, prison sentences.

But, just as a prisoners like Jason can re-calibrate their moral compass so that they can become productive citizens, so can a seemingly desensitized society re-calibrate their moral compasses so that they, too, can become champions of justice for prisoners that are being tortured by unjust sentencing laws and Parole Boards that unlawfully function as de facto judges, juries, and prosecutors.

With this being stated, Jason and the supporters of freejasongoudlock.org would like to humbly ask that all people viewing this website read and examine the contents herein where we chronicle the egregious, unjust confinement of Jason William-Goudlock. Doing so, visitors will become active in Jason’s justified demand for his freedom, which hangs in the unbalanced scales of Ohio justice.

Thank you in advance for your concern and patience,


Supporters of the freejasongoudlock.org campaign