It’s time to step up!

Date: May 18, 2022
Time: 11:36 pm
Location: Toledo Korrectional Institution

Just posting something for the people that really wants to help me with my freedom campaign,et cetera. Although I am definitely an optimistic person, I’ve taken issue with all of these so-called “criminal justice reform” organizations and activists in Ohio who aren’t doing nothing to try and get the old-law sentencing disparity fixed.

For years and years I’ve written letter after letter to various people in Ohio, only to have them sell me a dream about something they’re working on, or just outright lie to me about helping me. These people aren’t doing jack shit to fight against the system! They don’t even put out regular newsletters to keep prisoners updated. We just sit in here hoping that something materializes for us. But, what we really need is comprehensive and energetic organizations of people who are down to fight! I can’t even get anyone to consistently promote my various freedom fighting projects. I call people all the time, too, only to have them not do anything that they just agreed to do.

With this said, though, I just want to ask for people to support my latest interview project, “216 TO MARCY:A PRISONER’S PLEA TO JAY Z,” which is an audio interview album describing my horrific experience as an Ohio old-law prisoner. In the interview, I made it very clear that I was set-up over the years by various prison officials, some whom have worked as wardens and went on to become parole board members. I also express how my documentary, “INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story,” never received the proper promoting of the film. People just released the documentary and left it up to chance for the film to become visible to the general public. As a result of this, however, my documentary has not been viewed by a bunch of people, and DRC and the Ohio Parole Board has simply just ignored it and swept it under the rug, hoping that it never gets to see the light of day.

In 216 TO MARCY, I specifically make an appeal to Brooklyn,NY rapper Jay Z, asking him to watch and support my film. I reached out to him due to his ongoing activism against the racist U.S. criminal justice system, as well as due to his past involvement in the producing of the documentary film about the tragic suicide of wrongfully convicted New York citizen Khalief Browder. I also reached out to other influential voices, such as Kim Kardashian and Prof. Michelle Alexander.

Flat out: I’m trying to get people to help me spread the word about my film and interview. So, with this being said, I’m asking all people interested in real justice to please promote, post, and share the various info and links about 216 TO MARCY:A PRISONER’S PLEA TO JAY Z on your various social media platform(s).

It’s 2022 and we cannot allow the egregious old-law injustice to continue to exist! As a first-time offender, I’ve been imprisoned for nearly THIRTY consecutive years, which is some fucking bullshit!

I’m about to wrap this posting up. But, your contribution in this outreach endeavor will be greatly, greatly appreciated. And, please, feel free to write to me. But, only if you are 100% serious about fighting for real justice! This time is starting to really get to me, so I only wish to correspond with people who are down to truly fight for a just cause.

In The Struggle,

P.S. Here are a few additional suggestions of other people to contact:
(1) Various Hip-Hop music websites;(2)Commercial and Internet radio
stations; (3) Sports News websites[because of my TMZ connection to WNBA player Brittnety Griner,and LeBron James]; (4) Morning Radio
Shows,such as The Breakfast Club and The Rickey Smiley Morning Show; (5) Facebook and Instagram “Groups” pertaining to any of the above; (6) The fan bases of any influential activists; (7) and Tik Tok
…Also,please ask journalists to write a story about my ordeal and agenda! And,also reach out to other documentary filmmakers who’ve
made documentaries about the U.S criminal justice system.


Date: Wednesday,February 9,2022
Time: 4:06 p.m.
Location: Toledo Correctional Institution

I want to apologize for not keeping this blog updated, but I have truly been going through a bunch of things mentally, related directly to my current state of over-incarceration. I guess it just takes time for depression to run its course. Then the depression made me mad; so I just had to get re-calibrated all around the board.

I do have some very positive developments to report, though: I gained the incredible support of Shelby and Cody Barnum, as well as the support of their young ones, all whom drew me some amazing pictures that touched my soul and made me feel human!

The Barnum’s, who reside in Washington state, became aware of my situation of injustice by way of reading this blog. They are the founders of the company Roaming Rebels, which is a company that focuses on social justice issues for disadvantaged citizens, such as myself. They are committed to helping me gain my freedom, as well as committed to helping me realize some of my post incarceration goals, such as becoming a motivational speaker.

They’re going to be conducting an interview for me, soon, related to my fundraiser campaign. The interview is going to be attached to an audio uploaded version of my documentary, which will be made available for purchase to the general public, via various streaming platforms. They are committed to getting my story told, as well as stopping the overall unjust practices that are taking place within the Ohio Parole Board. They are also going to be getting some very influential people involved to help me from the cable station FX, which is very encouraging to me!

Besides my freedom, all I ever wanted was to have some “hope,” and the Barnum’s have definitely provided me with this. Even if the Parole Board refuses to do the right thing, at least I know the world is going to know what’s going on in the so-called heartland state of the United States. Nobody is going to be able to hide the egregious injustice that me and thousands of others are being subjected to. The U.S. talks daily about making all kinds of reforms to its broken criminal justice system, yet in Ohio it’s just business as usual. If people are serious about bettering the world, then they need to step up to the plate and make it happen! Talk is cheap, and its discouraging when it never amounts to anything.

At this present time, I truly believe that change can come about. I know that there are proponents and opponents for criminal justice reform. But, right is right! If a person, such as myself, is clearly being over-incarcerated, then this has to be fixed. People can’t be being held in captivity. This won’t do nothing but make people worse off, bitter, and mad. People need to have real hope. I mean, in here, we’re not stupid, and we know what’s real and what’s fake. Like with myself, when I know for a fact that someone is faking, I don’t pay anything they’re talking about any attention. And that’s because I know they’re faking.

I did wrong, and I want people to forgive me, so I have to be willing to forgive people, too.

As a man, there is no way that I can trick myself into believing in something that’s bullshit. But, overall, I’m ready to be positive and productive in society. At times, I’ve been pissed about things related to my injustice and refused to let it go. And although I’m not ready to just let things fall at the wayside, I am ready — to an extent– to forgive certain people, that is, as long as they are willing to move forward past their wrongdoings. I mean, although I didn’t commit all of my crimes, I did do most of them. So, I’m not in here for missing Sunday school. I did wrong, and I want people to forgive me, so I have to be willing to forgive people, too. I just want people to own up to their wrongdoing, and be real. No matter how you look at it, there is no way that I should’ve been
in prison this long. I’ve suffered enough, and I’m ready to be productive.

Torturing me isn’t going to benefit anyone.

Currently there are legislative efforts being pushed by various advocacy organizations to reform some of Ohio’s outdated sentencing
laws. EPIC (Ensuring Parole for Incarcerated Citizens) and Change Starts With Us, are both working on introducing legislative bills. I am not exactly sure of what the bills fully consist of, but I do know that they are calling for Parole Board oversight, as well as fixing the sentencing disparity between the old-law and the new-law prisoners (i.e. Senate Bill 2;Jul. 1,1996), as well as placing caps on the lengths of some sentences designated as “life.”

In my upcoming interview, I’m going to ask the listeners to support the reform efforts of the two aforementioned organizations,as well as others such as Understand Before You Judge (UBYJ). But, the only way things are going to ever change is if prisoners, their friends and families, and concerned citizens, demand change! We have to put the work in if we want justice. So, I’m asking people reading this blog to support what’s going on. Make phone calls and send emails to find out how you can help, because nothing is going to just magically get done on its own.

The same way people in the past organized and brought about change is the same way it’s going to get done today! So, if you want your loved one to be given a second chance one day, then you have to become active and support the people who are already on the front lines. We have to unite. And we have to put all of our differences aside, and control our egos! Otherwise, nothing is going to get accomplished, which, in turn, only further keeps the over incarcerated held captive longer.

We need hope!

A suggestion that I have is for all advocacy groups in Ohio to schedule regular Zoom conferences to discuss various issues. They should also provide updates via social media and snail-mail letters. Prisoners need to know and see what’s going on. This is helpful with lifting up one’s morale. We need hope! Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell, who teaches law at Southern University Law Center in Louisiana, has also taken interest in Ohio’s old-law injustice. She isn’t able to represent me or the old-law class of prisoners, but she has used my injustice in two of her law classes, and her presence will only serve to help with furthering the agenda of justice. I was able to connect with her, though, by way of mailing colleges a large volume of flyers about my documentary. I suggest that others take the initiative and launch similar outreach campaigns. If we aren’t proactive with our advocacy efforts, nobody is going to ever become supportive of our agenda at hand, which is why I’m constantly making appeals to the media and celeb-activists, such as Jay Z and Kim Kardashian.

That I know of, I only have one life to live, so I’m going to do whatever I can in this cell to get my freedom!

Simply put, though, I want my freedom! And if I have to make large appeals to people to attain my freedom, then so be it. If talking about the media’s coverage of a story (about a comment I made about LeBron James) gets me the attention I’m seeking to raise the public’s awareness about my injustice, then so be it — I will be talking about it! That I know of, I only have one life to live, so I’m going to do whatever I can in this cell to get my freedom!

I can’t just sit back and leave my fate to chance — that is, not when I could be doing something. Some people actually think I’m crazy because I have the audacity to fight for my justice! But, just know that I’m not seeking fame. I’m just an ambitious and intelligent person that wants
his freedom.

Nowhere on my birth certificate does it say that the state of Ohio owns me. Therefore, I am going to fight for what is right, and I ask that you please assist me in my efforts. As mentioned above, a fundraising effort for my freedom campaign (and others) is currently being organized. I am going to be seeking to hire legal representation to advocate for my freedom and other old-law prisoners, such as Delanio Wright, who is also featured in the INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story documentary. And I’m also going to be seeking to hire an attorney to investigate my actual innocence claims (because I absolutely did not rob the donut shop or Subway sandwich shop that I was convicted of robbing).

In addition to this, I am also going to be seeking to further publicize and promote my slept-on documentary. I actually want to put billboards up for the film all over. When people want to be seen, they put up billboards in Times Square New York, and my situation is no different. I intend, though, to put up billboards in Times Square New York, Cleveland, Columbus, and a bunch of other places. I’m also going to be, soon, enlisting the support of various influential celebrities.

But, for my freedom campaign to be successful, I am going to surely need your support, especially in the social media sphere, where I have made some very significant gains in the past few months. One of my videos, so far, has generated over 70,000 views on TikTok. I firmly believe that I can accomplish everything that I’m seeking to do, but strength is in numbers, so join the cause and support on your social media, and let’s push the views of my film into the MILLIONS!!!! I’m going to conclude this post, but I will be keeping you updated in the near future. Things are about to get real interesting, though…

Postscript: The Barnums are also helping me release a revised, polished version of my novel, Brother of The Struggle, which I am determined to to turn into a bestseller to show to the Ohio Parole Board. I intend to also turn the book into a movie. So, be on the lookout for it, because it’s coming soon!

Help Jason and Get Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Transferred

I almost didn’t write this post, because I don’t really feel that I’m being supported by anyone. Nobody contacts me, or speaks out against the corrupt prison system. If I was to go on a Nat Turner rampage, though, I’m sure there would be thousands of people with something to say then. I just wish people would speak-up, and make some damn noise! I don’t understand how people that talk all of this “justice and equality” talk can just be quiet and act like they don’t know I’m being tortured! I got evidence of all of the bullshit that ODRC and the Parole Board has done to me, and yet, here it is I’ve been in here almost 30 years.

A damn movie is out about this bullshit, and people still ain’t supporting it or me. This is the reason why this crooked-ass system does what it wants; nobody holds them accountable.

Marc “Motorcycle” Houk, the same lying piece of shit in my film, was allowed — after getting busted trying to frame me — to become a warden, again, thanks to a blanket of complicit silence. I just seen in the USA Today, a few weeks ago, some crooked-ass correction officers at Houk’s prison [Chillicothe Correctional Institution] went undisciplined after beating and paralyzing a handcuffed prisoner! The officers actually even bragged about their Houk-like behavior on social media! But, I bet nothing has been done to their boss, Marc Houk.

All of these people that look the other way at the crooked bullshit he and Michael Jenkins did to me — Michael Jenkins is the Inspector at the prison I’m currently in — they should feel a little responsible for the man who was beaten and paralyzed. But, hey, the way this country runs, Marc Houk will probably run for the presidency in 2024, and Jenkins will be his running mate! But, if he does run, I assure you that flyers for my documentary will be circulated more than U.S. currency!

Besides being a modern-day slave, though, I’m in the early stages of revising my book, Brother of the Struggle. It needs to be improved, redesigned, and released again. I need someone to help me secure a one-stop small company that can fix the book and then help me secure an inexpensive distributor. So, if anyone wants to help me help myself, please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

Speaking of my book, one of the typos in it is for a website for revolutionary prisoner Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, who was recently moved to the notorious Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF), also known as Lucasville. Rahid is currently being harassed and retaliated against for his well renowned writing, drawing, and overall activism against injustice (see his website), and he needs people to call and leave a message with Governor DeWine asking that Rashid be transferred out of SOCF immediately!

As reported in the most recent edition of the San Francisco Bay View newspaper (by freedom fighter Jalil Muntaqim), Rashid’s life is in danger! So, please, take action now!

Contact Ohio Governor DeWine

Well, this is it for me. I hope somebody will take action on my behalf too, because I’m tired of being tortured by the “old-law”, ODRC, and the Ohio Parole Board.

You can contact Rashid by mail:

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, #A787991
PO Box 45699
Lucasville, OH 45699-0001

Panther Vision
Defying the Tomb

Plea For Clemency

Date: July 05, 2021
Time: 2:36 p.m. EST
Location: Toledo Correctional Institution

The most corrupt parole board in the U.S. just issued a unanimous vote against granting me clemency. The final say, however, is still up to Governor DeWine.

The parole board cited “the nature of my crimes,” and my so-called “deplorable prison record” as their reason for voting against me. The nature of my crimes, however, will never change (which, by the way, were a nature no more severe than any other person’s crimes), because I can’t go back in time. And me having a so-called deplorable record is just as much their fault as it is mine, especially when they ignore the fact that their own members have been busted for filing false criminal charges against me.

Furthermore, I can’t stop getting “refuse to lock” conduct reports — that is, when I’m constantly being threatened by a bunch of coward gang members … Right now, I’m in the hole because I got word that I was about to get stabbed by some hired flunkies! I’d recently exposed the fact that in 2012, I shoved a gang leader who was causing me problems. In turn, the coward tried to have me stabbed, which resulted in me having to “refuse to lock” in a general population cell.

The Ohio Parole Board doesn’t care about my safety, nor my unjust situation. All they care about is keeping me enslaved in their old-law sentencing scheme. Stevie Wonder could see that my situation is unjust, yet nobody in Ohio’s prison system is saying a word about it.

After former warden and parole board member Marc Houk was caught trying to frame me, he was allowed to be a warden again. One of his co-conspirators in the attempted frame job, a correction officer named Michael Jenkins is, amazingly, now the “institution inspector” at the Toledo Correctional Institution, the prison I’m currently in! In spite of Jenkins getting busted, however, he was given an even greater position of authority to abuse!

Marc Houk:
Professional Set-up Artist

Today, due to the complicit silence of legislative committees like the Ohio’s Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) — I’ve contacted them several times about Jenkins and Marc Houk — corrupt prison systems are being allowed to thrive and oppress confined citizens, as well as the families of confined citizens, many whom are poor people of color.

Unless people speak up, America’s new system of slavery is going to always be around. People can pretend that things are better, but as long as they allow crooked individuals, such as the crooked sellout Michael Jenkins, to be employed in positions of authority, nothing is going to change … ever.


In closing, I ask that everybody reading this please send a letter to Governor DeWine and ask him to grant my application for clemency. As a first-time offender, I’ve now served almost nine years over the maximum new-law sentence. 28 consecutive years is more than enough. John Hinkley served less time for attempting to kill President Ronald Regan. George Floyd’s murderer will serve even less (14 years, are you serious!).


Click here to contact Governor DeWine

Postscript: Please support the criminal justice reform efforts of Ensuring Parole for Incarcerated Citizens (EPIC)! They’re getting things accomplished on behalf of deserving-of-a-parole old and new-law prisoners. Learn more about EPIC and their legislative efforts at their website here:

Nobody Does Nothing

Date: Monday, April 19, 2021
Time: 9:21 a.m.
Location: Toledo Correctional Institution

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a minute because nobody pays attention to my injustice. Nobody does nothing. The Parole Board recently held an open forum Zoom conference, and not a single person attended on my behalf! I’ve been beaten by crooked officers; set up by former wardens and Parole Board members, yet nobody attended the Zoom conference?

So, I haven’t been motivated to do anything. All of these people say they want to fix the criminal justice system,yet they don’t do anything when you need them.

And I can’t get anything done because I’m flat broke. Nobody donates anything. I don’t even have a TV,and haven’t had one since mine broke over six months ago. So, I’m sitting in a cell with nothing right now. I have one bar of used soap. An almost empty tube of toothpaste. And absolutely no food. Now, of course, I’ve asked supporters to help me, but they flat-out told me they aren’t sending me anything, although I did get some help a few week ago.

So,to be honest, I’m really mad as hell! But, I decided to post this because I’m not ashamed. I want people to see how fucked up this racist system is. And I want people to see how people act like they care about your situation, but will really leave you for dead. And, then, they expect you to be sitting in here with a smile on your face, like a conditioned robotic slave!

Everyday, this crooked system piles layer after layer of inhumane bullshit on me–and they think that it’s okay to do this! Nobody says a word about it, either! They think this shit is normal! And they think I’m supposed to endure this bullshit! Well, just know that everyone who sits back and does nothing is complicit in keeping me in here.

Just like the fake-ass Ohio Wrongful Conviction Project that refused to help me–that is, after they pretended they would for over THREE YEARS! All this screaming that Black lives matter–well, it doesn’t mean nothing to an Ohio prisoner. And that’s because people don’t really care.

How can a person have a film that consists of clear evidence of injustice, and yet, this person still can’t be given a fair shake? It doesn’t matter if it’s Rodney King, George Floyd, or Jason Goudlock–you can’t get any justice in this country if you’re Black. And, until people really decide to do something about it–it’s going to stay this way! People can lie to themselves all day long, but situations like my injustice proves everything.

Today, I’m sitting in prison for a robbery spree I didn’t do in 1993, although I definitely did commit other robberies. Nearly 30 years in, and here it is the Ohio Parole Board feels it’s okay for me to be in here! They know about my documentary, as does the African-American DRC Director, Annette Chambers-Smith, yet they feel that it is okay to keep me in a cage! They know about everything, but they know they don’t have to do anything because nobody is demanding that they do anything! DRC held an open forum, which could have been attended by anyone. But, since nobody is willing to make any noise about me, they get to get away with enslaving me.

I don’t even have anything else to say, honestly, other than don’t pretend to do anything for me if/you aren’t going to fight for me. I don’t need to be told “good luck,” or be sent a bullshit form letter by some hypocritical organization. I need somebody to aggressively circulate my film on the Internet, and to demand that I, along with others in my situation, be freed!

The Parole Board has let out murderers, child molesters, and repeat offenders–none which I am–yet, they refuse to do the right thing and free me.

It’s 2021. I was arrested in 1993, under a set of sentencing guidelines that were later replaced in 1996, with significantly less punitive ones. I’ve been thoroughly abused and punished by the system, which is proven in my documentary. So, why am I still in prison? This is bullshit! Black, White, Democrat or Republican–this is bullshit!!! I haven’t caught any extra time since being in prison. I’ve never been granted any type of parole, or even conditional release. And, I’ve taken numerous programs, and written a book!


Read My New Essay: Should the U.S. Adopt a New Flag?

Date: June 16, 2020
Time: 3:08 p.m.
Location: Toledo Correctional Inst.

After seeing all of the statues of racist being destroyed throughout the U.S., and the Confederate flag finally getting taken down at NASCAR venues, it made me think about my essay that I wrote about the U.S. flag, “SHOULD THE U.S. ADOPT A NEW FLAG?” As I was looking over the table of contents for my website, to make sure I was citing the correct title of the essay, I noticed that the essay wasn’t listed on my website. I don’t know how this happened? But the essay is a must-read considering the current events and societal changes taking place.

The essay reads as follows. Please share it, and comment about it on social media. Thanking you in advance:

Attorney Kimberly Corral Won’t Talk

Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Time: 11:35 a.m.
Location: Toledo Correctional Inst.

Just got off of the phone with the law office for Attorney Kimberly Corral, and I’m pissed by what her secretary just told me in relation to being helped with getting the word out about the old-law injustice documentary (INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story).

She told me that Attorney Corral wouldn’t help me UNLESS I paid her. … Now, I’m aware that I live in a capitalist society where nearly everything costs money. But, it just rubbed me the wrong way with the tone that she spoke to me, and the way that she used money as a barrier to impede my conversation. Why is justice always about damn money? I was recommended by someone to contact this particular office. But, the way that I was just slighted, if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t give them one cent!

Justice for Ohio prisoners is coming, however, because I refuse to not be heard! My (our) voice is going to become louder and louder! A second billboard about the film was just put up in Toledo, and there are going to be many more coming!

Well,this is it for now. I just wanted to share the reality of what’s it like as a prisoner trying to get people to simply speak to you about the pursuit of justice.

In the struggle,

Ohio Parole Board Hostage
Jason Goudlock


WHISTLEBLOWER ALERT: Correction officers are now doing our daily COVID-19 tests! They have no certification to be nurses, and they aren’t even cleaning the medical equipment between each testing. The officer places a medical contraption on a prisoner’s finger, right after taking it off of the finger of another. I wouldn’t be surprised if nearly the entire prison population has the virus.

Justice for ALL!

Date: Monday, June 8, 2020
Time: 8:53 a.m.
Location: Toledo Correctional Inst.

The tragic police killing of George Floyd has awakened people all over the world as to how people of color are routinely brutalized by some faction of the U.S. criminal justice system. But what if the murder of George Floyd wasn’t captured on video? What if George Floyd wouldn’t have died and was sent to jail because of the lies written by the corrupt arresting cops? George Floyd would then be just like the countless number of other men and women sitting in jail or prison for some bullshit. He would be going through hell, sitting in a cell. He would be trying to prepare his self to fight for his freedom against a “crooked system,” — that is, a crooked system that is being allowed to exist.

The most corrupt and racist injustices are taking place, right now, behind closed doors (e.g. courtrooms, prisons, etc.) within the U.S. criminal justice system, and the vast majority of the U.S. population doesn’t care. Every year we hear the story of someone being freed from prison after 20 or 30 years, for a crime that the prosecutor and police knew the accused never committed. The wrongfully accused gets some money, appears on the morning news, but nothing never happens to the people that permitted the wrongful conviction. Shouldn’t all of those involved be charged with attempted murder? Shouldn’t they be held accountable? And, what about all of the other hundreds of criminal cases that these people participated in over the years? How many other lives did they destroy?

If society wants to fight for justice in the name of George Floyd, it needs to do it on all levels! Crooked cops, crooked judges, crooked correction officers, crooked prosecutors, crooked wardens, and crooked parole board members — like Marc Houk of the Ohio Parole Board — they must all be held accountable!

Right now a documentary is out that proves some members of the Ohio Parole Board are just as corrupt as the officers that killed George Floyd; just as corrupt as the police department that tried to cover up the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, yet, so far, no great demand for justice has been made by society. This has, unquestionably, further emboldened the perpetrators. Every time they issue an unwarranted and ridiculous sentence continuation to a prisoner, I’m sure they get some form of sick satisfaction from their perverse behavior.

But, for every action there’s a reaction in some fashion, because change is constant. Sometimes the results of change are for the better, and sometimes they’re for the worse. In this particular case, though, with the recently learned news that the aforementioned documentary (INVISIBLE CHESS: The Jason Goudlock Story) is being scheduled to appear nationally on the streaming service HULU, I tend to think that the pendulum of justice just might be starting to move in the right direction.

And with this being said, in closing, I ask that everyone who reads this post to spread the word about this development. Use your social media platform to, in the name of GEORGE FLOYD, fight, fight, fight … for JUSTICE!!!

Live, from incarceration nation,
Jason Goudlock

Crimes I Did NOT Commit

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2020
Time: 1:08 pm
Location: Toledo Correctional Inst.

I just got the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s “Opposition Brief” to my recently filed “Motion For Judicial Release,” and I’m angrier than I’ve ever been in my life! And, here’s why:

The prosecutor’s opposition motion states the specifics of two robberies allegedly committed by me–that is, the March 1993 robbing of a donut shop, and a Subway sandwich shop. Well, for starters, I NEVER ROBBED THEM! But, being super-ignorant to the ways of the criminal justice system, like the Central Park 5 did, I plead guilty to bullshit I didn’t do! After decades, though, I finally learned the specific details of the robberies, which allegedly occurred as a spree on the street of Broadway in Cleveland. The record states that I ripped a mailbox of money off of a wall in the donut shop, and then went to the Subway and forced people into a freezer and robbed the place with an accomplice….


I hadn’t even been on the street where the robberies occurred for years! The 4th District Cleveland Police Department put these bullshit cases on me! In 2015, I wrote to the fake-ass Ohio Wrongful Conviction Project and asked for their help, but they only pretended to be helping me and dropped my case in 2018. They never even tried to get any physical evidence to make some type of comparisons! I didn’t do that bullshit and I’m willing to take any kind of test to prove it! They can get my DNA-whatever!

I’m disgusted with this racist-ass system, though! I wish people knew what it felt like to be in prison for some shit you didn’t do! Yeah, I did do all of the other crimes, although one of the robberies was embellished by the victim–but I didn’t rob no fucking donut shop, or no Subway!

Nearly 27 years later, though, I’m still being punished for this bullshit! And, the crazy thing is that at least one of the robberies, according to police records, was captured on video! To that I say, LET’S SEE THE VIDEO!

If it still exists, it’ll show everybody that I was set up, just like my documentary shows that I was framed by an actual Parole Board member!

I’m hoping to get a lawyer, soon, to try to prove my innocence–that is, in the event that I’m not granted Judicial Release. But if I am able to prove my innocence, I want every living person involved with this frame-up arrested, and I want to be paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by the city of Cleveland.

I don’t really have much more to say, but, if you really care about justice, then, please, AGGRESSIVELY circulate this post, as well as watch and circulate the INVISIBLE CHESS documentary!

Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the aggressive demand for justice by the mother of murdered Georgia citizen Ahmaud Arbery, you have to force people to administer justice. You would think that a video of law enforcement breaking the law would compel someone to do the right thing and address an incident of injustice, but when you’re a Black man in America, it’s just, “Oh,well…” Like, this bullshit is some kind of right-of-passage.

If I were a German Sheppard, though, my situation would be all over the news. I’m one-hundred percent done with biting my tongue!


Risk of COVID-19 at Toledo Correctional Institution in Ohio

Date: Friday, May 8, 2020
Time: 9:43 am
Location: Toledo Correctional Inst.

Out of nowhere, myself and thousands of other prisoners are now at-risk of contracting COVID-19! At the prison I’m in, we were all given masks. But in the area of sanitation, the prison isn’t taking it seriously. Our showers stay dirty, so much to the point that some prisoners wash up in their cells, rather than go to the shower. I’m uncertain of the exact number of how many people have contracted the virus here. But prisoners and staff have both tested positive.

A fellow prisoner that just moved into my cellblock, however, told me that there was an entire block full of prisoners that were being quarantined. He said that they were in the block that used to house kitchen workers, and that they weren’t being allowed to send out mail or use their phone tablets*. He also told me that the pandemic has caused great tension throughout the prison between prisoners and prison employees. He told me that officers are pissed-off at the DRC director, because they aren’t receiving supplemental “hazard pay.” He told me that the officers were suing the Director, and that, in turn, the Director was reassigning officers to job posts that they didn’t want to work. As a result, he said that the pissed officers were taking their frustrations out on prisoners.

I don’t know what the hell the Trump Administration is doing? He needs to stop being an egomaniac, and do what’s right for the country! Nobody knows what the virus is capable of doing. So, why is everyone in a rush to open the country back up? People should be demanding better leadership, and listening to experts in the medical field. Playing political games at a time like this is going to get people killed.

I want to give a shout out to the Ohio prisoner rights organization “EPIC”(ENSURING PAROLE FOR INCARCERATED CITIZENS), headed by Jeanna Kenny. They held a momentus protest outside of Marion Correctional Institution,last week, and are helping lead the fight for justice, for prisoners, by example! Join in and support them on your social media platform, [(614) 207-2407], the same way that UNIVERSAL SUPPORT NETWORK founder Norman V. Whiteside did. If their is going to be gains made against Ohio’s criminal justice system, the various few Ohio organizations and activist need to put their egos to the side, and work together for the common good of prisoners! Because fighting and bickering isn’t helping prisoners. It’s hurting us, in fact. Those who are truly generals should be in the lead. So, put your egos aside, organize, and work together! You all have the Internet at your disposal, so, use it to “UNITE.” Use it to communicate and listen to the ideas and views of one another, otherwise understanding and unification will never be realized.

Last, if you are seeking justice for old-law prisoners who have to go before the Parole Board, then you should be supporting the “INVISIBLE CHESS:The Jason Goudlock Story” film. The film uses my story of injustice, as well as the story of Delano Wright’s, to expose the secretive and unjust dealings of Ohio’s Parole Board. But, the film is a film that was made for the purpose of attaining justice for all old-law offenders! The log line for the film reads:”TWENTY YEARS AGO, OHIO MADE FOUR THOUSAND PRISONERS THE UNDERCLASS OF THE UNDERCLASS.”

Four thousand! Not just me. FOUR…THOUSAND! So, let’s come together, and aggressively spread the word about the INVISIBLE CHESS film. Much deserved noise has been recently been made about the captured-on-video killing of Ahmaud Arbery, and the brazen months long decision by Georgia law enforcement to not arrest Arbery’s assailants. This type of brazenness is the same kind of brazenness that the Ohio Parole Board displays. The INVISIBLE CHESS film clearly shows the ruthlessness of the Ohio Parole Board, yet they haven’t been forced to be held accountable. I say, let’s make them be held accountable! Use social media to demand JUSTICE! We have to fight together, and stay aggressive! Simply complaining without taking any action will get us nowhere in Ohio.

I conclude this posting by saying “stay safe,and stay strong during these difficult times.”

In the struggle, live from incarceration nation…

Postscript: Please circulate the video and Press Release of the INVISIBLE CHESS billboard that was recently put up in Los Angeles. … I want to, also, give a shout out to the students of Prof. Paul Moke at Wilmington College, who are watching INVISIBLE CHESS in his Criminal Justice class. Thank you.

[*] Call the Toledo media, and the ACLU, and ask them to make an inquiry about the alleged mistreatment of quarantined COVID-19 prisoners. Ask for them to request interviews with various inmates and prison employees.