KANYE WEST, LEBRON, AND INVISIBLE CHESS: A Headline for Justice and Google

DATE: October 15, 2018
TIME: 11:50 a.m.
LOCATION: Ohio Concentration Camp

I probably should be in good spirits considering that my documentary, INVISIBLE CHESS, recently made it’s debut last month at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, but I’m actually a little upset because I’ve yet to hear from one person who watched the film besides my main supporters. I’ve come to the realization that most people don’t care about injustice inside the U.S. criminal justice system. People pretend to care when a TV camera is on. But when it’s off, nobody cares. People have become so desensitized that it has become acceptable for prisoners to be tortured by a racist U.S. criminal justice system.

INVISIBLE CHESS shows undeniable proof of me being tortured by Ohio’s criminal justice system, but, yet and still, as it appears, nobody gives a fuck. But what really has pissed me off in the past week is how everybody and their mama has spoken out against Kanye West’s recent meeting with President Trump to discuss criminal justice reform. Now, I definitely don’t agree with Kanye’s political views. But, damn, it can’t be denied that he’s on the front line in the interest of reforming the United States’ racist criminal justice system–that is, while most people are doing absolutely nothing!

In 2014, my situation of injustice received substantial publicity from a comment I made to the Ohio Parole Board about LeBron James. Unfortunately for me, however, not a soul contacted me about my situation. All of the so-called activist athletes and entertainers and organizations—they didn’t say a single word on my behalf. The WNBA’s Britney Griner, however, did tell TMZ that I should stay in prison. But, In her defense, she wasn’t told the whole story about my situation of injustice before being interviewed. But, even still, why would a Black superstar athlete use their voice to help me stay in prison?

At the time, I’d served nearly 21 consecutive years for robbery and assault, as a first-time prisoner. Afterwards, I tried numerous times to reach out to Griner. But, just like all of the other so-called righteous people in the U.S., she said fuck me. Like I said, though, when that TV camera is on it’s “Black Lives Matter! . . .Black Lives Matter!” But when that camera goes away, it’s fuck the struggle. The fact that I’m being subjected to being a modern-day slave–which the 13th Amendment clearly states is permitted in the U.S.—it means nothing. Absolutely, nothing.

Say whatever you want about Kanye West. Just know he’s getting a serious injustice addressed at the highest level, which just might lead to somebody being freed from an unjust term of incarceration.

In closing, I just want to say peace to Kanye West and all of the people who advocate for justice with action and not just words. If you’re a person of substance and believe that justice should be afforded to all, nothing should matter but justice.

Postscript: The photo attached to this post is a picture of my brother James (center). He is an Army Veteran in need of a kidney transplant. I don’t know if I’m a match to donate a kidney, but I’m willing to donate my brother a kidney if anyone is willing to help me arrange for this to happen. If anyone is interested in this matter, please contact me via JPay as soon as possible.

After a Long, Long Hiatus

July 2, 2018
Time: 9:52am
Location: Toledo Corr. Institution

After a long, long hiatus, the What’s Going On Blog is back!

For the past year, I have been dealing with extreme depression, and I just didn’t feel that anything significant was going on in my life that was worth writing about so, I shut the blog down for a while. Today, however, my spirits are in much better shape as the feature-length documentary, INVISIBLE CHESS, about my situation of injustice nears completion.

Invisible Chess Documentary Trailer

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Finally, I’m on the verge of having my situation of injustice exposed to the world! People are about to get an intimate view of how Ohio’s corrupt and racist criminal justice system treats prisoners. The film shows in detail how I’ve been framed and assaulted by corrupt prison employees, as well as conspired against by crooked Parole Board officials. The audience is about to see why athletes all across the U.S. have been protesting and speaking out against the racist and massive incarcerating of poor people of color.

In other news, my overall situation has improved thanks to the humanitarian efforts of Tahiyrah Sparks of the Free Ohio Movement (FreeOhioMovement.org). Recently, she launched a T-shirt fundraiser to contribute to my freedom campaign. (See this website or Facebook/FreeJasonGoudlock for details), and she’s also heavily promoting my agenda on various social media platforms, as well as her weekly radio show, Sign O’The Times, on BlogTalkRadio.com(Tuesday to Friday,6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.).

On a lighter note, the only bad thing in my life right now, besides still being in prison, is the breaking news that LeBron just parted ways with my CAVS and signed with the L.A Lakers. Damn. … I
guess I won’t be witnessing him win nothing for The Land. But, I’m still hoping one day, I can become involved with his charity organization in some form or fashion.

Before I conclude this post, I want to use my platform to give a shoutout to Ice Cube and his BIG3 professional basketball league! I don’t know if this is allowed by the BIG3, or not, but when I’m
released–I want to tryout for the league! One of my homeboys, who was my cellmate back in the day, Ray “The Rain man” Austin. After he got of prison, he fought boxer Wladimir Klitschko for the
heavyweight title (Klitschko won)! So, like Kevin Garnett yelled at the top of his lungs when he won an NBA championship for the Boston Celtics, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

Signing off, live from incarceration nation,
JG of The Struggle

Update on Hunger Strike and Lawsuit

October 8, 2017
Time: Early Afternoon
Location: SOCF Medical Ward

On October 2, 2017, a massive hunger strike was supposed to be held by dozens of Lucasville prisoners who are being housed in Restrictive Housing units and are being denied the right to receive and send JPay electronic mail. Unfortunately, as usual with oppressed Ohio prisoners who love to fight against one another and not against injustice, nearly all of them failed to participate in the protest that they all, weeks earlier, pledged to participate in. I am, however, still on the hunger strike and have been moved to the Medical Ward of the prison. I will not be on the strike much longer, though, because I am currently the only person still on the strike, which was never planned to be carried out by one person.

In regards to my civil lawsuit that I filed in 2013 against the six Mansfield pig-officers that assaulted me and framed me, it was my intention to post an update about the following a few weeks ago. When I got the news that I’d lost my appeal, my anger cause me to not even address the issue. In fact, today, I’m still upset that I even allowed myself to believe that I could attain justice through an Amerikkkan court. I lost sight of the fact that I live in a country whose criminal justice system once acquitted the LAPD pig-officers that brutally beat Rodney King, that is, despite the beating being secretly recorded by a video-camera-carrying pedestrian, who released the tape to the media.

Anyone with common sense, upon reading my Black Lives Matter essay, can see that all of the Mansfield pig-officers framed me and lied about everything. Their fabricated claim of having to initiate force against me, due to me allegedly “kicking my cell door open,” was proven to be an outright lie! In Amerikkka’s racist criminal justice system, obvious facts don’t mean anything. The U.S. Constitution might as well be toilet paper, as far as I’m concerned. None of its protections apply to me, nor were they ever intended to. For anyone who wants to pretend that the U.S. Constitution is some noble and esteemed document, just read the blatantly racist and inhumane words of its Thirteenth Amendment.

Although the crooked and racist Amerikkkan criminal justice system can get away with using complex and confusing legal jargon to dismiss the lawsuits of pro se litigants, such as myself, it can’t get away with trying to fool society into believing that it’s a just system. Just as the video footage of Rodney King being beaten by the LAPD showed the world that Amerikkka’s criminal justice system is racist and corrupt as the day is long, so will the forthcoming film documentary about my situation of injustice do the same. I’m telling you, I can’t wait!

Speaking of my documentary, the film is almost complete. I’m not exactly sure what the next step will be once it is? Aside from everything that the filmmaker and producer are going to be doing when it comes time to promote the film, I’m going to be doing everything that I can to assist in the promoting of the film — that is, reaching out to filmmakers of social justice documentaries (e.g. Ava DuVernay), bloggers, journalists, the Black Lives Matter movement, TV and radio sports shows (because of the LeBron James and Brittney Griner tie-ins to my 2014 Parole Board hearing), activist organizations, influential rappers (e.g. Jay Z, Nas, Killer Mike, The Game, etc.), and influential athletes (e.g. Colin Kaepernick, LeBron and D.Wade, Carmelo Anthony, etc.). With this being said, though, I’d like to ask that anyone who is interested in assisting me with spreading the word about the forthcoming documentary to please contact me via regular U.S. mail, so that we can work together towards promoting the film in the interest of attaining justice for not just myself, but for all Ohio old-law prisoners who have been wronged (a video trailer for the film will be released soon). By myself, without question, I am a strong and determined person. With your assistance, together, we can become a powerful and unstoppable force that ushers in true justice!

I conclude this posting in solidarity with all of the hungry people living throughout the world. One day, somewhere, I’m going to provide people with food who are hungry. I know I’m on a hunger strike, but being hungry is not a good feeling at all!

Struggling until we don’t have to,

Jason Goudlock,
live from incarceration-nation

Slavery is Alive in Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

September 18, 2017
Time: Late Evening
Location: Extended Restricted Housing, S.O.C.F, Lucasville, Ohio

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing too much of anything lately, except sitting in my cell, fuming, full of rage. Since the end of June of this year, I’ve written over a dozen complaints to try to be given my legal and personal property that I’ve been denied since arriving at this concentration camp. The prison’s racist administration refuses to give it to me. I’ve caught numerous prison employees telling lies about why I can’t have my property, and I’ve presented the evidence to the prison’s Institution Inspector. It’s virtually impossible for me to get any justice, though, because the very people who are responsible for watching out for corruption — they’re corrupt themselves!

All of these people simply go through the motions to make it appear like they’re doing their job with integrity. In reality, however, they’re all either directly or indirectly contributing to the cruel mistreatment of prisoners. Everyday, SOCF prisoners are being beaten in handcuffs, getting framed, being denied mail and reading material, and SOCF’s crooked administration condones it.

While slavery is most definitely alive in SOCF, as it appears, so is prisoner resistance. On Monday, October 2, 2017, the word going around is that hundreds of Security Level 4b prisoners are staging a massive hunger strike to protest not being allowed to receive and send JPay emails since May of 2017. 4b prisoners across the state (including Toledo Correctional Institution and Ohio State Penitentiary), with the exception of 4b prisoners at SOCF, are allowed to receive and send emails.

The tyrants of SOCF, however, refuse to aid the lessening of hardships of their 4b prisoners. What’s crazy about all of this is that SOCF and JPay continue to rake in tens of thousands of dollars off the emails that the supporters of 4b prisoners are being charged to send! If anybody else were to solicit and accept money to provide a service that they knew wasn’t going to be provided, they would be sent to prison! So, how is it that SOCF and JPay are being allowed to get away with outright embezzlement money from the supporters of prisoners? I mean, it’s not like they’re Wells Fargo, right?

Come Monday, October 2, 2017, I hope that SOCF and JPay are held accountable for their criminal actions! If they aren’t, for whatever reason, once my forthcoming documentary is released and hundreds of people, if not thousands, are paying attention to it, I’ll do a follow up post about the issue and post it here. One way or another, though the profiteers are going to be held accountable!

SOCF, in particular, thinks that their corrupt and cruel practices of mistreating prisoners will never be halted or exposed to the general public, but they’re wrong! In due time, true justice is going to prevail over evil.

On that note, I’m going to conclude this post, but not my fight for justice and freedom … Thus, the struggle continues!

Injustice, Book Trailer, and Documentary

August 20, 2017
Time: Late Morning
Location: Special Housing Unit, S.O.C.F, Lucasville, Ohio

After being transferred to Warren Correctional Institution at the end of 2016, where unfortunately, I was housed in the prison’s general population with a new-law kleptomaniac prisoner (who has six prison numbers), I’ve been transferred from WCI back to Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville where I’m now being housed in a single-man cell inside of a so-called special housing unit.

The only good thing about my current situation is that I no longer have to be caged in a cell with another person. Besides this, though, I’m still living in a crazy environment. Shortly after arriving at SOCF on June 20, 2017, several inmates conspired to try to throw bodily waste on me because I spoke up for another prisoner who had bodily waste thrown on him by another prisoner … who was given the green light to do it by two corrupt officers. As a result, I ended up having to go on suicide watch to get out of the situation, and to try to get my personal property that I was never given upon arriving at SOCF.

After being on suicide watch for six days, the Mental Health department took me off of watch and agreed to help me try to get my property. When I got off of suicide watch and returned to a new cellblock, I quickly discovered that most of the property I had in my cell before I went on watch was missing. All of my hygienic items, my radio, magazines, my novel that I wrote, and my Mike Tyson book, Undisputed Truth, was gone!

In addition to all of the above madness, until a couple of days ago, for the past few weeks I have been unable to communicate with people due to not having any stamped envelopes due to somebody not turning in my commissary slip. If SOCF hadn’t recently and arbitrarily stopped all Level 4B prisoners from sending and receiving JPay emails, I would’ve been alright. But, SOCF — a super-racist prison — they don’t want inmates to have any support from society, which is kind of crazy considering that prisons make millions of dollars off of prisoners that are provided with financial support by, mainly, supporters who live in society. In the interest of making money, you would think that SOCF would want inmates to be able to easily communicate with the outside world, bot not SOCF. They’d rather just see people miserable.

Speaking of the company JPay, I wonder if they know if Level 4B inmates in SOCF aren’t being given their JPay emails that people in society are paying the company to deliver? I actually like the service that JPay provides to prisoners, although they could bring down the prices on some of their services. But, if JPay is accepting money from people to have emails sent to inmates that aren’t being given their emails, then, something has to be done about this. As the JPay records will show, all Level 4B, 5A, and 5B inmates at other prisons besides SOCF — they all receive and send JPay emails on a daily basis. Therefore, SOCF inmates on the same security status should be allowed to do the same.

The Best for Last

The documentary being produced about my situation of injustice, recently re-titled as “Invisible Chess Match: The Jason Goudlock Story,” is nearing completion (a trailer for the film will be released soon). In just a matter of a few months, or less, the world will be able to learn about the corruption that goes on in Ohio’s criminal justice system. Many people have known for years that I’ve been getting railroaded by Ohio’s crooked system. Instead of them putting a stop to it, they’ve just ignored it and swept it under a rug of deceit. Being that Ohio is a state where police are allowed to get away with killing unarmed citizens (e.g. Tamir Rice and Sam DuBose), it makes sense why Ohio’s powers-that-be don’t give a damn about me. Make no mistake about it, they’re going to have to explain to the viewing audience of the film why they have allowed me to be subjected to the injustice that I’ve been, and continue to be, subjected to.

In addition to the good news about the progress of the documentary, a trailer for my novel, “Brother of the Struggle”, was recently made available. With this being said, I ask that you please support my book and quest for freedom by posting and circulating the book trailer on your social media platform(s), et cetera. Although I’m unable to view the book trailer, I’ve been told that the trailer is very good and I’d love to hear some of your comments about it.

Before I conclude this posting, I would like to remind you that if you wish to contact me, you can only contact me via snail-mail, otherwise I will not be given your correspondence. Additionally, I would also like to ask you to help me get through this difficult time by sending me reading materials that are posted on my website’s Book Wish List (all books must be paperback and CANNOT come from Amazon per SOCF’s crazy-ass policy). Your show of support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading this posting, and until my next update, I shall remain in the struggle.

To All My Supporters

March 13, 2017
TIME: 10:50am
LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Warren Correctional, Lebanon, OH

To all the supporters of this blog, I sincerely apologize for my lengthy hiatus of not posting anything. Unfortunately, I have been extremely depressed and was just unable to find the strength to get on track. After recently reading Mike Tyson’s inspirational autobiography Undisputed Truth, however, I found the motivation to start back writing essays, as well as material for this blog.

The spell of depression that I went through stems from my current situation of being excessively imprisoned, as well as wrongfully imprisoned for one of the robberies I was convicted of, that is, the robbery of a fucking donut shop, on a street that I hadn’t stepped a foot on since years before the alleged robbery! I still don’t understand how I allowed myself to be manipulated into pleading guilty to bullshit that I know I didn’t do. I feel so stupid. But, besides this, I have been extremely bitter towards the Ohio Parole Board and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, who, for years, have just blatantly ignored the injustice that I’ve experienced. They just don’t give a fuck.

What is driving me to keep fighting even harder today, though, is the fact that, soon, by way of the film documentary that’s currently being produced about my situation of injustice (Old-Law Con: The Jason Goudlock Story), Ohio’s prison system is going to have to explain why they’ve ignored (as well as participated in) the injustice that I’ve been subjected to. Indeed, the world is going to see how the state of Ohio’s insulated-from-the-public corrupt prison system functions behind closed doors! And if they choose to retaliate against me in some kind of way, then, so be it. I only have one life to live, and I refuse to spend it allowing someone to trample on me. These motherfuckers are making me do the time anyway, so I might as well do my very best to expose them to the world for the bullshit they’re doing to me, as well as others. Although I’m most certainly caught-up in Ohio’s system of slavery-by-another-name, I refuse to conform to it.

In other happenings with me, I’m still fighting to try and win my lawsuit (GOUDLOCK V. BLANKENSHIP, et al) that I filed in 2013 against the proven-to-be-corrupt Mansfield officers who Rodney Kinged me and then covered it up. Although I’ve been denied access to legal materials by my prison’s lazy-ass library staff, I’m doing my best to litigate against the defendants’ government legal team, whom, by the way, don’t give a fuck about justice either, that is, unless the definition of justice is: “to allow all police and correction officers to lie under oath, frame, assault, and kill anyone, at will.” But, regardless which way the appellate court rules on my case, my documentary has footage that clearly proves all of the defendants falsified their accounts of what happened during the incident, as well as footage that the prison’s administration helped cover-up the officers’ illegal acts.

A revised and redesigned second edition of my novel is set to be released soon, along with a book trailer! Once it’s released, I ask that you please support the book and the video trailer on your social media platforms. Your show of support will ultimately help me in my fight for my freedom.

In closing, I just want to say that it has taken a long time, but the tide is surely getting ready to turn for the better!

On a mission, in the struggle,

Jason Goudlock

Post-script comment on 2016 election: I was a little surprised that Donald Trump won the election, but I understand why he won: For many years, career politicians have done nothing but lie to the voting public and cater to the interests of Wall Street elites. After being duped one too many times, a large number of the voting public simply got fed up. The Clinton brand, from a moral standpoint, was already a tarnished brand due to the scandalous past behavior of former president Bill Clinton. So, once Hillary Clinton’s lies were dug up and magnified, they turned voters away from her. Had Bernie Sanders won the nomination of his party, which he almost did in spite of his own party working against him to sabotage his campaign, I firmly believe that he would have defeated Trump. The Democratic Party failed to realize that the reign of the status quo had already ended when Trump won the GOP nomination, and, in my opinion, that’s why they lost. I don’t agree with Trump’s politics, and I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. But as long as he doesn’t confuse his Twitter password with the nuclear launch codes, the U.S. will make it through to the 2020 election, which, ultimately, should produce candidates who are trustworthy and qualified enough to be the president of the U.S.

Late Breaking News: Norman V. Whiteside Released on Parole

September 30, 2016
TIME: Early evening
LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Ross Correctional, Chilicothe, OH

I just received the latest edition of Universal Support Network’s newsletter The Sizzler and learned that its Editor-in-Chief, musician Norman V. Whiteside, was released from prison earlier this month! The good news caught me totally by surprise because I was unaware that Norm had been granted a conditional release date.

As reported by The Sizzler, on September 1, 2016, Norm was released back into society, which is a date that has now become seared into my mind. On this very date, as Norm was released from his super-overincarceration, the still-ruthless Ohio Parole Board issued a response letter to me denying my recent open-letter request for them to rescind their outrageous 2014 decision that they rendered at my most recent release consideration hearing, in which they issued me a 60-month flop (see Ohio Parole Board Response). I’m remaining optimistic, though, because if Norm can get a parole, then I should be able to get one too.

The Sizzler also reported that Norman V. Whiteside will be making his post-incarceration musical debut on November 19, 2016 at the Columbus, Ohio locale The Live. For more information contact We Book’Em at 614-887-7379.

In addition to the above, The Sizzler also announced that Universal Support Network will be holding its annual Christmas Day public protest against the wrongful practices of the Ohio Parole Board. The protest is scheduled for December 25, 2016 in front of the Ohio Parole Board’s central office located at 770 W. Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, contact Universal Support Network at 513-410-4603, or email them at the following: USN331@hotmail.com.

If you are a citizen that’s against injustice, or a relative or friend of someone sentenced under Ohio’s discriminatory old-law sentencing guidelines, I ask that you, please, show your solidarity by attending the Christmas Day protest and also by disseminating a bulletin about the protest to other area citizens and organizations, as well as churches, by way of your social media platforms.

I’m also pleased to report that the documentary film Old-Law Con: The Jason Goudlock Story is coming together beautifully! Award-winning filmmaker Sam Crow has traveled from New York to Ohio twice this month and conducted interviews with journalists, judges, and social activists who are in support of sentencing reform for old-law prisoners.

Upon completion and release, the revealing film is surely going to generate some much needed attention. Thanks, in part, to the dozens of media outlets that took a comment that I made about LeBron James out-of-context, and then made a mockery of it, a global audience is now going to know about the injustice that I, along with others, have been and continue to be, subjected to in America’s heartland state of Ohio. A film trailer for the documentary should be released soon, which will be announced at the appropriate time on this website.

In closing, I just learned that the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, again, is about to transfer me to another prison, which will be the twelfth time that I’ve been transferred since 1994, and the seventh time since 2012! Just think, if the DRC and the Parole Board would stop its ponzi scheme-like practices of pretending to be so-called “rehabilitating” its small class of old-law prisoners, it could save millions of dollars that it wastes to overincarcerate and torture people like me.

National Football League’s Colin Kaepernick Should Be Praised Not Villified

September 7, 2016
TIME: Early afternoon
LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Ross Correctional, Chilicothe, OH

I recently received the latest Writer’s Market book, which has a section of tips for people that write blogs. Upon reading it, I learned that I need to use catchy titles about the things I’m writing about, that is, so that i can improve my standings on various search engines. With this being said, I’m incorporating this suggestion into the below continuation of this post, which is something about the recent protests of the NFL’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But, before I get to that, I just want to send my regards to all people involved in the Free Ohio Movement (freeohiomovement.org) and the September 9th protest against Ohio’s system of modern-day slavery.

A smile of approval appeared on my face, last week, when I read about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the singing of the U.S. national anthem, due to his discontent with the way African-Americans are being Jim Crowed and killed by America’s racist criminal justice system. “It’s about time,” I said to myself as I began reading. But then I got pissed-off when I read about a comment that an ultra-patriotic Detroit Tigers baseball player made against Kaepernick’s protest. Tigers pitcher Jarrod Sallalamacchia said Kaepernick “needs to go back to the history books and realize what that flag represents,” and that Kaepernick’s protest was “pretty disgusting.”

Disgusting? no, what’s disgusting is when ultra-patriotic people pretend to be outraged at courageous people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth about the present–or past–state of this country. Ultra-patriotic people like the Tigers baseball player are always so quick to twist around a spoken truth about the existence of racism in this country, and make it out to be some kind of verbal attack on the over-romanticized historic founding of this country. Somebody should remind all of the ultra-patriotic people of this country that the same flag flying today, as African-Americans are being gunned down in the streets by so-called law enforcement, is the same flag that was flying during the times when the U.S.was savagely killing Native Americans for their land, and when George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves that they routinely sexually assaulted, and when the U.S. military gunned down the entire village of MyLai during the Vietnam war. And let’s not forget that thousands of these very same Vietnam veterans, as well as countless other everyday citizens, participated in massive protests against the Vietnam war, and even set U.S. flags ablaze.

Colin Kaepernick’s stance against injustice deserves praise, not condemnation. His willingness to use his platform as a professional athlete proves that he won’t allow his morals to be compromised by control-seeking corporate America. And if Kaepernick’s protesting is wrong, then so were the historic stances of Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali. And the last I heard, MLK has a monument in Washington, D.C. and Ali, well … he’s known all over the world as The Greatest!

Once Again, My Situation of Injustice Has Become a Little More Difficult

August 10, 2016
TIME: Early afternoon
LOCATION: Segregation Housing Unit, Ross Correctional, Chilicothe, OH

Once again, my situation of injustice has become a little more difficult.

Approximately two weeks ago, I received the news that the lead judge in my civil lawsuit (Goudlock V. Blankenship, et al) ruled against me and granted Summary Judgement in favor of all the crooked Mansfield correction officers that set me up and assaulted me back in 2013.

My fight for justice, however, is far from over, as I’ve recently filed a Notice of Appeal with the court. And considering that the magistrate judge in my case, prior to the ruling handed down by my lead judge, issued a recommendation that my case should go to trial, I have a decent chance of winning my appeal.

Right after I received word of my unfavorable court ruling, my young new-law cellmate got underneath my skin with his inconsiderate and immature behavior, and, as a result, to get away from him, I returned back to the hole, which is where I intend to remain until I’m let out of prison. That is, unless I’m transferred to a prison that will let me be in a cell by myself. I’ve tried a million times to endure all of the bullshit that comes with living in a general population of new-law prisoners, but I can no longer continue playing what amounts to a high stakes invisible chess match — that is, not with my freedom and life on the line!

Upon returning back to the hole, the following morning at breakfast, a correction officer denied me my food tray because I didn’t take it from the food-slot fast enough. I then started kicking on my door, and a few minutes later the officer used that as his justification to spray me through the food-slot with mace. I was then taken to the infirmary to be clinic checked.

When I was escorted back to my housing unit, one of the officers decided to make up a lie that I said I was suicidal, which is a common tactic that crooked officers use when they want to inflict suffering on a prisoner. I was then taken to another housing unit and placed in a scorching-hot suicide cell. Wearing nothing but a bright orange suicide gown, as an officer sat in front of my cell, so-called monitoring me, I banged on the plexiglass window as hard as I could, non-stop, until they served lunch.

Afterwards, I did the same thing to dinner, and then, again all the way to breakfast! Not surprisingly, before 9:00am that morning, I was taken off of the bogus suicide watch, and returned back to the hole, where I haven’t had any problems since.

While my past six months have been extremely stressful, I did manage to participate in some very productive interviews for the forthcoming film documentary, tentatively titled Old Law Con: The Jason Goudlock Story, that’s being produced about my situation of injustice, as well as the overall discriminatory injustice of the old-law.

From what I’ve been told, in regards to the production of the documentary, significant progress is being made. Several sought-to-be-interviewed individuals have responded to the filmmaker’s request, plus, a trailer for the film is being made too! So, if all goes well, it’s going to be a matter of time before I’m able to get my story of injustice, as well as others’ story of injustice, out to the masses.

This is all for now, though. So, until my next post, please use your social media platforms to spread the word about this blog, and my overall situation of injustice.

Post-script: Shoutout to LeBron and Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving), as well as the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for bringing home the title! … All-in, again!

On the Verge of Exploding

June 13, 2016
TIME: 8:50 a.m.
LOCATION: General Population,Ross Correctional, Chilicothe, OH

While I don’t believe that there are too many people that read this blog, to all those who do, I apologize for my hiatus of not updating it for a while. I have been battling with some serious bouts of stress due to the everyday rigors of prison life, while at the same time, trying to focus on my participation in the production of the documentary that’s being made about my situation of injustice. It’s extremely hard to concentrate when you’re in a cell with another person that gets on your nerves by shaking his top bunk over you. I have asked my cellmate, multiple times, to stop shaking the bed, which he does by shaking his foot a million times a minute, but he keeps doing it. This might seem like a small thing, but it has put me on the verge of exploding! And when you add this with the fact that I’m also stuck in a cell with a person that doesn’t like to clean up, this makes my situation that much more frustrating.

In addition to dealing with the constant stress of prison life, I’ve also been dealing with being depressed due to my full realization that my next-to-nothing family doesn’t care if I ever get out of prison. In spite of having reached out to my family in an open letter, in which I asked them to support the crowd-funding campaign that was created on my behalf to raise money for the leasing of a billboard to display a message highlighting my situation of injustice, they all completely ignored my plea for help.

Prior to the launching of the campaign, which was unsuccessful, I practically begged my family to help me. But instead of helping me, they didn’t even respond to me … and they left me for dead. As of today, though, I’m completely done with reaching out to people who clearly don’t give a damn about me. All my life I have been trying to be accepted by people, but today, I’m through playing the role of
a desperate fool. The writing on the wall is crystal-clear, and as an adult, I have to accept the reality of my situation.

Besides dealing with the stress of prison life, I’ve just been thinking about the coming days when the public is going to be made aware of the full scope of the injustice that DRC and the Parole Board has subjected me to. Right now, DRC and the Parole Board–even the Governor and Attorney General–they all know that I’ve been subjected to being assaulted, framed, discriminated against, and railroaded, yet and still, they refuse to do anything about it. Instead of them affording me the justice that they are supposed to be the keeper’s of, they go back-and-forth to work and pretend to be oblivious to what is going on. Yes, in 1993, I broke the law. But all of the aforementioned knowingly break the law, everyday, that is, when they remain silent about my situation of injustice.

Here’s an update about my excessive use-of-force federal lawsuit against DRC correction officers (Goudlock v. Blankenship,Case No. 1:13-cv-1215):

On April 19,2016, the magistrate judge presiding over my case, agistrate Judge Kathleen B. Burke, made a recommendation to the court that my “post-handcuffing” claim of being assaulted by the officers should be allowed to proceed to trial. If the Court goes along with the recommendation, it will be a significant battle won for me, because I will be appointed an attorney by the Court, and be on the verge of being able to subpoena and cross-examine everyone who was complicit in the assault, as well as cover-up. And, if the Court does, in fact, follow the recommendation, I intend to send invitation letters to the local and national media, as well as to journalism students, asking them all to attend and cover my trial.

I want to expose to the world how diabolical the U.S. criminal justice system can be towards indigent prisoners. This is the only way that the injustice and corruption will ever end inside of broken criminal justice systems, such as Ohio’s.

I’m going to end this posting on that note. But, if you are reading this, and are interested in helping me in my fight for true justice, freedom, and equality, I ask that you, please contact me … because simply having empathy for my situation, without any action–it’s not going to get me out of prison.