In Solidarity

This section highlights the injustice that others are experiencing with the Ohio corrections system. Please support these people in whatever ways you can, whether that’s social media, word-of-mouth, making calls to the prison on their behalf, and contacting them via US Postal mail. Also, contact the media as well as your state and local elected representatives.

Juvenile Offender Percy Jones

Ohio inmate Percy Jones wrote the following open letter. Percy comments on Ohio's practice of sentencing children to life terms ...
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Hazardous Infirmary

Imagine being taken to a prison infirmary under the pretense that you're about to receive some type of medical care, ...
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Faarooq Mu’min Mansour (a.k.a. Andrew D. Lee)

The following is an overview of the wrongful conviction of Faarooq Mu'min Mansour (a.k.a. Andrew D. Lee), a former Ohio ...
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