Jason Goudlock To Kanye West (Video)

April 30, 2016


Ohio prisoner Jason Goudlock, 41, known as The LeBron Fan, is at it again.

After making international headlines in 2014 for his lighthearted comment requesting that the Ohio Parole Board release him,in part, so that he could witness in person NBA superstar LeBron James win a title for Goudlock’s hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the imprisoned author recently reached out to platinum-recording artist Kanye West, by way of a video posted on FreeJasonGoudlock.org, and asked the polorizing-hit-maker to assist him with his pursuit of justice.

After being in prison for nearly 23 years for robbery and assault,Goudlock, who in 2014, was given a controversial five-year sentence continuation at his fifth parole board hearing, stated to West, “Since I can’t call on Malcolm [x] or Martin [Luther King], I would like to humbly ask you to lend your mighty voice to amplify my demand for justice.”

Goudlock, whose story of injustice was featured in 2014 on the Huffington Post alongside of a story about West’s celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian West, is the subject of a yet-to-be-titled documentary that’s being made about Ohio’s discriminatory dual-law sentencing guidelines.

Kanye West recently released his critically acclaimed album, The Life Of Pablo, through the revolutionary Jay Z-owned music streaming service Tidal.